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Last Updated October, 18th 2003
New Review of the AOR ARD9800 Digital Voice Modem!


W2BRI gets the digital voice bug. Aside from my love of magnetic loops, I have been focusing my attention towards a new mode of  communication for ham radio, digital voice.

 Here is a link to my Digital Voice site.

My new review of the AOR ARD9800 Digital Voice Modem is ready for your reading pleasure!


My current passion in radio has become 
the Magnetic Loop Antenna, also referred 
to as STLs, small transmitting loops. This site is dedicated to these antennas, and I strive to make this the most comprehesive site possible. Magnetic Loops should not be confused with full size resonant loops commonly found in many radio operators backyards. The Magnetic Loop antenna has some special properties which distinguish it from many  antenna designs like the dipole. 

A major advantage of the magnetic loop
is its high efficiency and small size. The
magnetic loop is typically smaller in
circumference than 1/4 wavelength of the
desired operating frequency. There are many
more advantages I plan on describing on this site and some disadvantages. The antenna is ideal for restricted operating areas and for portable operation. They can work close to the performance of a full size dipole antenna
(sometimes exceeding a dipole) and do not
require radials. They can be mounted low to the ground, and will exhibit a high level of
performance. However, they tend to be very
expensive devices when bought commercially. They can be homemade with relative ease, and this site will teach you how to build your own if you so choose. 

Loop antennas are elegant antenna systems, but they are far from simple. The Magnetic Loop is a complex antenna and will not simply work as a plug and play solution. If one desires using the loop antenna effectively, a
decent understanding of  the antenna's characteristics are crucial. A Magnetic Loop can work very well for an operator if they understand the different variables necessary to make it work well. My intention is to elucidate many of these issues on this site and make it easier for operators to use these antennas successfully. I also intend to discuss some of the myths related to loop construction, and hope to clear up some possible misconceptions others have encountered in with this interesting antenna.

My hope is to open up the technology to
more operators. I will welcome phone calls and questions at 818-505-0222 or by email at
brian@standpipe.com, but perhaps you'll find the answer to what your looking for on this site and build it yourself! 

I am always looking for original artciles, images, and info on Magnetic Loops. Please email me at:


if you would like to submit content for 
the site.

 If you are interested in the topic of project management, I write a monthly article which can be found at www.allaboutpojects.com


Site Menu

A. Magnetic Loop Antenna FAQ

In this section you will find theoretical and practical information regarding mainstream beliefs, practical observations, and down to earth theory about these antennas. This FAQ will answer many major questions. 

B. My 80 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna

Find out about my largest magnetic loop for 40 and 80 meters. This page tells the story about how I came to learn about magnetic loops, and my experiences with this wonderful antenna.

C. How to Build Your Own Magnetic Loop Antenna

If you wish to build a Magnetic Loop antenna and have questions about how to make it work, this section is for you. This five step project plan explains all the steps to creating your own magnetic loop from basic plumbing materials. The article features step by step instructions and  how-to pictures to guide even the most basic beginner in Magnetic Loop construction. The article also features a section on capacitors and loop tuning. It is a must read. 

D. Images and Notes from other Loop Builders

You are not alone. There are many others out there building and experimenting with Magnetic Loops. This section features great articles and pictures of other loop builders and their experiences. If you are serious about what's going on out there in the world of Magnetic loop, then this section is essential. If you are interested in submitting an article, please send me an email at brian@standpipe.com

E. All About Variable Capacitors

Many of you have asked for this section and here it is! Where to buy your vacuum variables, what to watch out for, and how to use them. This section also covers air variables, sources to buy them, and additional info. Enjoy. 

F. Loop Software Page

In this section you'll find some very easy to use loop modeling software. It's as easy as pie to plug in your desired parameters and see how well your antenna will perform theoretically. There is also a very cool homebrew capacitor design program. Check it out!


Coming Soon
More Projects, A Motor Controller Page, and More Articles from Other Loop Builders


Please email me at brian@standpipe.com

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