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Last Updated October 25th, 2003
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About the AOR ARD9800 Digital Voice Modem

AOR launches their new digital voice modem product the ARD9800. This modem allows for digital voice communication over HF that's within 2.8 Khz bandwidth. The modem uses a form of multiplexed PSK to create "near FM" voice quality. This type of technology could change ham radio is a large way. Imagine getting on a band and having QSOs with none of the common noise, hash, and hiss of regular HF communication. 

In addition, this fast modem works in any mode from SSB to FM. Hams can now benefit with digital voice communication on VHF/UHF and above. This lucky ham has gotten his hands on a couple of these babies, and will be running them through the paces over the next several weeks. For your pleasure, I plan on writing up an article of my experiences with these devices and giving you the total skinny. 

For more info from AOR, please check out: http://www.aorusa.com/ard9800.html

New Review!

After months of experimentation and use, I have put together a review of the AOR Digital Voice Modem. Please have a look and find out what this new and exciting product has to offer. Feel free to email me with questions and comments at brian@standpipe.com


Looking for a digital voice QSO with other modem owners? Click on over to Paul KQ6EH's Liaison website at http://www.rfelectronics.com


    Digital Calling Frequencies:

    20M 14.320
    40M 7.265.00
    80M 3.960.00

I would leave out the other bands for now because the higher bands like 10-17 can be moved to once contact is established, also, considering the solar sun spots -- activity is low.


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